Sony has just released a new application that lets you create animated pictures called Motiongraph. This application allows you to create still photos with an animated part.

However, the amazing thing about this app is that it is able to recognize objects and leave immovably the bottom. Also uses a technology called loop motion detection to detect motion, and Sony´sown technology to stabilize the image.

Also the images are stored as animated GIF that makes them visible from any web browser and several image viewers. This also represents an advantage over the video for its weight and easy to share on social networks.

To create the animated gift, you have to record a short video, about 2 or 3 seconds with Motiongraph, select the image you want to have in the background in the video, and then select the area that shall be mobile, and the duration of animation.

Motiongraph is now available in Google PLAY for a price of one dollar and is compatible with all Android Gingerbread or higher devices.

Google PLAY: Motiongraph

Via Sony Mobile Blog

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