Samsung is working on a new processor, probably the one that could feature the Galaxy S4.

There have been many rumors circulating around the Samsung Galaxy S4 processor, and most of these seem to point to the Exynos processor Adonis, a 28nm chip that will significantly reduce battery consumption.

The Adonis will enter the Exynos 5400 processor series that besides having a smaller size, are made up of four ARM Cortex-A15 cores to 2.0Ghz.

By the time the rest of its specifications are not known but it is believed could become the Samsung´s next flagship processor.

What I Think

I am very interested in what will be the new flagship of Samsung, as I believe that smarpthones are reaching a level very hard to beat in both processor and size. Is there a limit?

Clearly, with a mid-range smartphone as a Galaxy S2 or Sony Xperia S can perform more than enough the necessary functions of a smartphone. Why would you need more processor and display size?

This technology may be reaching the breaking point as has happened in the history of the technology industry, as well as with the TVs that went from LCD to LED and then 3D, perhaps the next generation of smart phones integrate flexible displays as qualitative leap.

Via Droiddog

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