Police in Australia advised a few days ago not to use the iOS Maps application after two motorcyclists were lost for following their instructions and had to be rescued after 5 hours. Samsung took advantage of the situation and launched a campaign laughing at Apple. Yes, once again.

A few days ago, the australian police advised users not to use Apple Maps after Mildura police had to rescue some people who had tried to get to the city following the instructions on the application, and ended up in Murray National Park Sunset, which is nothing more and nothing less than 70 kilometers from that locality. The two motorcyclists had a flat tire and had no food or water and were rescued after being stranded more than 5 hours.

The news traveled the world and Samsung seized the moment to mock Apple (yes, once again). The Korean firm parked a van in the Sydney Plaza in and a classic VW Combi Van at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne with a sign next to the vehicles in which we read:

Oops, Should have got a Samsung GALAXY SIII. Get navigation you can trust

NOTE: Navigon GPS is software that comes standard on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung said the vehicles would remain in those places until Friday 14 December, so if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne you can look around to take a look at this new campaign.

How about this new mockery of Samsung against Apple? Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

Via: Ausdroid

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