SamMobile The guys at just confirmed that Samsung is working on their new star device, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

This is the model GT-I9500 and I9505 GT which probably refer to the international version and LTE for America.

Model: GT-I9500

Model: GT-I9505 (Probably LTE version)

Samsung Galaxy S4 with Tizen?

From Sammobile suggest that the next flagship of Samsung could be released with the open source operating system Tizen instead of Android.

Actually I think this is unlikely, since it would be difficult to think that the koeran would abandon the OS of the moment developed by the most important network company which does not have to pay any patents … what do you think?

Why not i9400?

If something catches our attention in the model number of the next Samsung Galaxy S4, is the jump in numbering from model i9300 to i9500. However, we must bear in mind that the number 4 is believed of bad luck in korea, a belief that seems to be confirmed by Samsung with the absence of this number in the codes of their products.

Via SamMobile

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