The prestigious international portal Cnet has awarded the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the best gadget of the year, beating the iPhone 5 and strengthening the power of Samsung and Android over Apple and iOS.

End of the year is very close and it is always balance time. One thinks of what you did in the year and considers new goals for the year that is about to begin. The main Cnet editors gathered and analyzed the 2012 devices to choose the best gadget of the year. The big question was, who will win? Will Apple and its iPhone or Android and Samsung with the Galaxy S3? And the winner was … yes, the flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S3.

The election took into account: the popularity of the device, its design and construction, specifications, reviews from experts and users as to the quality of the device and user experience, among other things.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 had the honor of being awarded as the best device of 2012. It is a truly global phone, available in most of the world and across almost all operators. Its large screen high-definition and 4.8-inch, powerful quad-core processor and its delicate balance of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, along with an excellent 8 megapixel camera, 4G LTE connectivity or HSPA + and an affordable price to its value, transformed the Galaxy S3 in the best smartphone of the year, surpassing the iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, the flagship of Apple was second with a stylish design, high-end specifications and 4G LTE connectivity. However, its poor implementation of Maps and its high price placed him behind the Galaxy S3. Further back were devices like the Google Nexus 7, the iPad Mini and the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxxx.

Thus, the Galaxy S3 adds a new distinction. Recall that a couple of months ago, the famous blog T3 had awarded it as the best phone of the year in consumer choice and judges.

At this point seems obvious to ask, Is the Galaxy S3 the Smartphone of the Year?

Via: Cnet

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