For the seventh consecutive month, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most popular smartphone in the UK, beating once again the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S and other devices like the Nexus 4 or HTC One X.

Samsung is the brand of choice for the British. This is demonstrated by the latest figures released by uSwitch based on search, pre-orders and sales. As I mentioned recently, in November the Galaxy S3 was the best-selling device, followed by the iPhone 4 and the new iPhone 5 at the podium. This is because since the launch of the latest iPhone, the 4S version has seen its price substantially reduced, making it more attractive than Apple’s current flagship.

However, in the Top 10 are five SamsungĀ devices: Galaxy S2, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Ace 2 and Galaxy Note 2. The list is completed by the Nexus 4, the Xperia U of Sony and HTC One X, ie that of the 10 devices sold, eight are Android and two are iOS. The Nokia Lumia 920 has been well received by the British public but has not achieved to reach the top positions.

Top 10 Smartphones in the UK (according to uSwitch)

1. Samsung Galaxy S III
2. Apple iPhone 4S
3. Apple iPhone 5
4. Samsung Galaxy S II
5. Nexus 4
6. Samsung Galaxy Ace
7. Samsung Galaxy Note II
8. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
9. Sony Xperia U
10. HTC One X

With a view to holiday sales, it seems that December will be a great month for Samsung in the UK. Will have to see if Apple lowers the price of its iPhone 5 to attract more users, or what other type of strategy uses to win more followers.

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