According to several reports from South Korea, Samsung has just reorganize itself. The Korean company has been restructured and is divided in two: on one side are the finished products and on the other side the components that Samsung and other companies use for their products.

While the firm has not yet issued an official press release, we know that Samsung Electronics has been divided into two separate units. On one hand, were grouped devices that are sold to consumers (phones and smartphones, televisions, etc.) that are now run by Choi Gee-sung, while on the other side are the components that Samsung manufactures for its own products and for other companies, owned by Kwon Oh-hyun.

Considering the extraordinary results that Samsung has had in recent years, the question that arises is why the firm wants to restructure now? In the absence of an official statement, still not know for sure. Some say that Samsung was accused of leaking information about Apple products in different divisions. It is rumored that Samsung Semiconductor division knew that Apple would release a device with 9.7-inch screen with high resolution, the iPad, then told the manufacturing division of Samsung tablets to be working on something to match that product.

In addition, this reorganization would help Samsung to continue its growth at a time of slow economic growth worldwide and in the midst of a legal battle with Apple.

Personally I do not think it’s a bad thing. Beyond that Samsung has been one of the best performing companies in recent years, the world of technology is constantly changing, so that companies, no matter how good job they are doing, they must adapt or anticipate these changes if possible. I think the idea of separating Samsung finished products and components production aims to better organize and be able to fine-tune the production-assembly stages so the components for the products¬†are available when needed.

We’ll see if in the coming days Samsung issues an official statement on the reasons for the restructuring. Do you think this change is a good thing? Or do you see it as a bad thing? What do you think were the reasons? Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

Via: KoreaTimes

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