A few days ago I told you that the Nexus 7 could reach over a million units sold during this month number for which the Internet giant would have to make a price reduction.

This would be nothing new, as it has been the strategy of Google since its launch to sustain growth in sales during the month of November where launched a 32GB WiFi model, one with HSPA + and applied a discount in 16 GB models.

Nexus 7 only $ 99?

With prices already unbeatable the Nexus 7 is without doubt one of the best 7-inch tablets available in the market and it is difficult to think of a reduction that does not imply loss in the cost of production.

However the rumor that has begun to circulate in the last hours challenges this assertion. Apparently Asus and Google are working on a new Nexus 7 with lower hardware specifications that will be available at a much more accessible.

Less hardware

Confirming this rumor, have leaked in Picasa some images taken by an employee of Asus with a device called ME172V, this name probably sounds familiar because it has already been leaked on some benchmarks.

Of these, it was learned that this Nexus at $ 99 will come with a single core processor at 1GHz, 1GB of RAM and a 1024 × 600 pixels on its 7-inch screen.

Definitely not leading in the list of best 7-inch tablets, but indeed in the most economical market.

Esteban Cejas

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