When we enter the world of customization in Android, probably the first obstacle we face is to get root access to our Android.

Being root, you can modify the operating system of your device as you wish and use applications like autostart that lets you disable applications either user or system or install custom ROMS.

However, the techniques to obtain root access on our Android tend to be rather complicated for the novice user as they require the use of a PC and flashing software as Odin.

In turn, these methods are usually specific to each device and operating system version with which we must be sure to follow the tutorial correctly, or else end up ruining the OS.

Root Transmission

But now thanks to the guys (as always) of XDA we have a new tool that allows root access on any Android device compatible with USB OTG (on the go) without the need to have a PC handy.

The application is basically a terminal emulator that is installed on a device rooted which acts as host and allows running in this ADB commands for the root in the second. Still do not understand?

How to get root acces with Root Transmission

Like any tool Root Transmission has a number of limitations, since it is necessary to have two Android devices compatible with USB OTG.

The process involves installing the APK of the tool on the device rooted and connect the device without root using the OTG USB cable, and execute in the first the commands to ADB gain root access on the second.

Download: Root Transmission

More info: XDA

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