A new version of the famous ROM manager that incorporates substantial improvements

ROM Manager is a powerful application essential for any user who intends to flash their device, install new and different ROMs and have the Recovery up to date. Today the application was updated to version which incorporates the significant advantage of transferring nandroid backups to your computer via WiFi.

If there is something annoying, especially on devices that do not have microSD as the Nexus 4, is having to keep nandroid backups in the limited phone memory. Eventually you will be passing them to the computer because space is limited. However, in the new version of ROM Manager has simplified this process notoriously, and this is because this new feature allosĀ a download server on your device that can be accessed over Wi-Fi from your desktop PC.

It is really easy to use, we just go to Manage Backups, and there click on Download Backups and ready. We will have to enter the IP address of the WiFi in the address bar of your browser and you’ll have your nandroid backup stored via WiFi leaving free space on your phone.

Undoubtedly an interesting update that users of devices without microSD will appreciate.

Esteban Cejas

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