Pou, the tamagotchi for Android just received an update. This adds two new games for your pet called Tic Tac Pou and Four Pous, a new store, new foods, and the possibility of doing part of a football team.

Pou for Android

Like the old tamagotchi Pou is a small pet that you will have feed care and make play. But unlike this, Pou is characterized by making some very strange noises with which you’ll notice all your needs.
The application gives you the ability to set your own wallpapers that you can go shopping with the coins collected to take care of Pou or making micropayments through your Google PLAY account.

The interface and gameplay have not brought anything new and is still divided in rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, games room and the room.

Thus in the kitchen you will have food options for which you can select from various types of food such as fruit, chips and sushi.

Download POU (Google Play)

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