Nokia released a few days ago in Linkedin an ad looking for a software engineer specialized in Linux which generated a flood of rumors about a possible Android from the Finnish firm. However, Doug Dawson, public relations officer of Nokia, just denied that possibility.

Nokia used to be the number one manufacturer of mobile devices, but then came the smart phones and the company did not adapt to new market conditions, losing ground every year until it currently being extremely delayed compared to companies like Samsung or Apple. Nokia’s big bet to return to the limelight is the Lumia 920, a device with Windows Phone 8.

A few days ago, an announcement on Linkedin made think that Nokia could be working on an Android smartphone and seeking a software engineer specialized in Linux, but a few hours ago, Doug Dawson denied that possibility through its official Twitter account saying that are looking for a Linux engineer to “work on HERE Maps for Android and nothing more.” HERE is the new map system launched by Nokia that will reach Android and iOS.

What I think

I personally am very sorry about Nokia’s decision to stay out of Android, not only believe that the company would return to the top spot but also with the quality of their devices would encourage the growth of the ecosystem.

I know that they have to keep agreements, and there is a contract between Nokia and Windows, but I think that if they don´t integrate into Android in the coming years it may be too late.

Why do you think Nokia remains adamant not to use Android?

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