It seems that Motorola likes to market its products in comparison with its competitors. Had already done so with the RAZR M and the iPhone 5 and now have gone for more. The Google-owned company has launched a series of comparisons on their official website and on their Facebook account in which attacks the Samsung Galaxy S3 and claims its new Droid RAZR HD is clearly superior.

And truth be told, Motorola attacks the Samsung flagship on several fronts. On one hand, argues that the download speed of their RAZR HD is 49% faster than the Galaxy S3.

Another attack came on the side of the battery. Motorola highlights that the DROID RAZR HD has a battery life 20% higher than the Galaxy S3.

Materials of construction are also other front of attack. Motorola argues that the RAZR HD is ready to withstand bumps and spills with DuPont Kevlar fiber and water repellent nanocoating, something that the plastic housing of the Galaxy S3 can not do.

Finally, the design. Motorola argues that the RAZR HD is the 4.7 inches smartphone most compact in the world (the Galaxy S3 has 4.8-inch screen but it is understood, is not it?).

So after the Korean company has mocked many times of Apple, as it did recently in Australia, it seems that Motorola wanted to give some of their own medicine and has gone for everything and that has entered nothing more and nothing less than with the Galaxy S3.

How about these comparisons of Motorola? Do you think the RAZR HD exceeds the flagship of Samsung?

Via: Motorola | Facebook

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