Within 24 hours we have had everything. Gameloft released Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour, then removed it from the Google Play and now has been republished again.

Only a couple of hours ago, I commented that Gameloft withdrew the new Modern Combat 4 from Google Play due to problems in the download system and had given no hint about when would publish it in the store again. However, it seems that the French firm has solved the problems very quickly as the game is back on Google Play!

It seems a crazy thing but it is. In less than 24 hours Gameloft released Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour, withdrew the game after a few hours from Google Play and now re-enabled it. Sounds like a joke but it’s what happened. Let´s hope they don´t remove it again….

I remind you that Modern Combat Zero Hour 4 can be downloaded from Google Play at a price of $ 6.99. Here is the download link and the video trailer.

Download Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour (Google Play)

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