LINE has updated its application for computers by adding the ability to make free calls from the PC to a smartphone or another PC in the style of Skype.

Since its launch a month ago, LINE has become the application of the moment. This is a new messaging that although still far from having the user base that has WhatsApp, is growing rapidly and has become the alternative to WhatsApp par excellence.

LINE has a function similar to this but has some advantages as it not only allows us to send messages, videos, images and voice messages for free, but also make calls. It also incorporates emoticons and “stickers” that are emoticons manga style.

LINE is a multiplatform application with versions for Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry which also has desktop versions for Windows and Mac OS X, which is another advantage over WhatsApp that only has mobile versions.

Well, LINE has updated its application for computers with excellent news: now you can make call from the PC to a cellphone or even between two PC in the style of Skype! Now when you open the application from the computer and open a chat window with a contact, you have three options instead of two: File, to send photos video and audio files, Stickers, and Free Calls to make calls for free. The good thing is that when receiving a call you can choose from where you want to attend.

I tested this new feature and sometimes can not answer calls but all in all I think this is a major update that further improve this application. The Android app should still improve on resource consumption as spends a lot of battery but all in all I think it is an app to take into account.

Esteban Cejas

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