LINE, the application of the moment, just received a major update to version 3.4.0, which incorporates a new winter icon, bug fixes and other news!

We have spoken several times of LINE, the messaging application that has begun to gain ground over WhatsApp and is shaping up as a tough opponent for the so far undisputed king of IM apps.

LINE was released in June 2011 and joined Google Play in November, and has been a resounding success from the start to the point of becoming the fastest growing application in history, reaching 50 million users in just 399 days compared with 1325 days it took Facebook or 1096 days it took for Twitter.

LINE for Android already received an update a few days ago but its developers do not stop for a second and just released a new update to version 3.4.0 which includes several new features such as the ability to decide whether to receive notifications of related applications such as LINE Game. We can also report directly if we suffer harassment or receive spam from the chat room when we chat with users who have been added to our list of friends.

In addition, there is a new wintry icon to celebrate the coming winter in the northern hemisphere and have been corrected some errors of the previous version.

Thus LINE continues to improve and no doubt that the battle against WhatsApp in 2013 will be discussed widely. What will WhatsApp do about it? That remains to be seen.

LINE 3.4.0 already can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Esteban Cejas

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