The app of the moment is going though crucial times to expand and go worldwide to compete face to face with WhatsApp.

For several days LINE has been one of the stars in AndroidADN, and the truth is that the developers of this app have deserved it because they have managed to integrate the best features of two giants like Skype and Whastapp in a free service.

Apparently LINE plans go beyond Japan, and will take advantage of the great worldwide reception in these months and will launch its service in the world.

LINE begins to expand

Today, those responsible for LINE held their first meeting with media in Spain where they have officially launched the company’s business model and future strategy.

Thus have released a statement in which they have made explicit their plans to expand globally, particularly in those countries where are beginning to have users.

As commented the responsible of expanding NHN Corp, June Cha, Spain has become the country most strategically important to the company.

LINE has become the fastest growing application of all time, surpassing even facebook because they have managed to gain 50 million users in just 399 days.

Until today, the service now has over 85 million users mostly from Japan and Asia, but is expanding rapidly in other countries, particularly Spain.

LINE will remain free

Seeing the intentions to expand internationally, immediately came to my mind a business model that sought to broaden its user base for free and then become a paid service.

Nothing could be further from reality, since the boys in charge of LINE have explain particularly the way they think to monetize the messaging service and VoIP calls.

The basis of the business model of LINE will remain with the sale of stickers, sponsored games and official accounts. In addition are looking at the possibility of opening accounts for celebrities with whom we could interact and the sale of stikers created by artists.

LINE´s New Features

During the meeting, those responsible for the application have also commented a function expected by many users that involves the possibility of using the application from the phone or tablet

Has also been unable to confirm a novelty in which they are working and that many users have commented, it is the ability to use mobile and tablet at the same time and are considering the possibility of creating a desktop version for GNU / Linux.

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