Just told you that Twitter updated its Android application incorporating filters for photos and thus compete with Instagram. However, the largest photographic social network has not stood idle and quickly responded by launching an update to its own application which adds a new filter and some minor improvementes.

Most users wanted more filters and it looks like Instagram heard them since this new version 3.3.0 includes a new filter called Willow that makes the black and white photos with black and white filter with subtle tones purple color and a white border bright translucent. This filter is designed for portraits, photographs of loved objects and photographs of architectural contrast.

In addition, this new version of Instagram incorporates other stability improvements and some bug corrections.

So far I have had no problems with the update, but there are several users who are complaining about lockouts and other problems. In addition, there is widespread discontent because today has also come a new update for the iOS version that incorporates many more news. Do not be surprised if soon Instagram releases a new update for their Android┬áversion…

Instagram 3.3.0 can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Download Instagram (Google Play)

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