In April this year Facebook made one of the largest shopping in history to gain Instagram for $ 1 billion.

After the great news, Mark Zuckemberg, creator of Facebook, stated that it would not force Instagram to integrate with Facebook, but rather still allow the application to connect with other social networks.

However, today the service of Instagram has updated its privacy policy to begin sharing user data with Facebook.

To not unleash hysteria users from Instagram have rushed to tell the preface of the changes that users will continue to have the ability to choose who can see your photos Instagram and the possibility of publishing in facebook or not.

Instagram policy changes

The new changes introduce the concept of “affiliated” with which to refer to Facebook because Instagram will now be able to share content and user information, including cookies, log files, device identifiers, location data and data use with companies (affiliates) that are part of Instagram

The changes will become effective as of January 16, 2013, but has already begun to hear the voice of users who are not happy with this policy.

Via mashable

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