Google Play Services has just received an update to version 2.0.10 which features two major innovations: an update to the Google Maps API and the mode Photo Sphere of Android 4.2.

Google Play Services is the application that allows all applications Android to be integrated with Google+, Gmail, Google Maps and other Google services. Before starting to tell you the news of the new version I would like to review what an API is. Most of you probably know what it is but just in case here briefly I comment what it is.

What is an API?

API comes From English Application Programming Interface which is the set of functions and procedures under certain library to be used by other software as an abstraction layer. It is a kind of “access key” to certain functions that allow use of a particular service provided by a third party within your own application safely, something like a tool that allows two apps to work together properly. Some API examples are Google Maps, YouTube, Twitter, etc..

Well, the Google Maps API has been updated making it simpler to use and adding new features. Now you can add more layers and switch easily between modes (satellite, hybrid, terrain, traffic, indoor maps) and maps are vector (2D and 3D) so they load faster and use less data.

In addition, this new API has included a greater variety of provisions to tilt and rotate the map with a simple gesture, considering the large screen of tablets.

The other big news is the new viewer Photo Sphere to take, view or upload panoramic photos in spherical format. Now developers can reconcile their applications with 360 photographs of Android 4.2 or higher devices.

Google Play services should be updated automatically but if not, you can do it yourself by clicking the link below.

Download Google Play Services (Google Play)

Via: Android Developers

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