A year before terminate their contract with Google Maps, Apple reported its decision to stop using the service of Google Maps in iOS.

Apparently this decision was motivated by the lack of access in google maps navigation for turn-by-turn, something that Android has been using for several years.

However, the agreement between the two companies was still in force so Apple decided to finish it and launch the new maps with indications turn-by-turn with the new iOS 6.0.

Apple Maps: the failure

When Apple introduced the new mapping system in June, Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iOS software, dared to describe it as beautiful, and stressed that they were doing the mapping themselves.

What Apple did not expect was the large number of errors and horrors encountered in the service for its users, would end up being laughing stock of the entire Android community and the blogosphere in general.

Google MAPS the most downloaded app

Apple guys probably have never imagined the moment where they had to bow their heads and allow the entry of Google Maps into the AppleStore.

However, after the disastrous launch of Apple Maps, this was a fee of pride to be ingested out of respect for its users and is so from the December 13 the official Google application is in the Apple store.

Only 24 hours have passed since the arrival of Google Maps for iOS and the application is already in the top spot of free downloads from the AppStore.

Google MAPS for iOS

Among its novelties Google Maps for iOS features a revamped user interface and the ability to use gestures to browse the maps and search.

Also includes built-in voice navigation, 3D vector maps and allows you to search local addresses, places or businesses, to access and view recommendations and inside establishments or more than 100,000 images from the perspective of a pedestrian by Street View.

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