Google has reacted to the recent update of Facebook and has just launched a major update for Google+ that reaches version 3.3.0 and adds great new features of integration and lots of new functionalities.

A few days ago the official Facebook application for Android did s great leap to version 2.0 and became native, which now features major improvements in performance and speed. Google, which is not to be outdone, has just launched a major update for Google + that brings improvements for all points of view.

The first big news of Google+ is that you can now interact with communities from the application, accessing and interacting with them. This functionality was built a few days ago to the web version, so you can configure the notifications you want to receive in our mobile.

In addition, there are also improvements in the photographs. Now with Instant Upload function, can upload pictures with the original resolution and see and explore spherical images (Photo Sphere) in versions prior to Android 4.1.

Another novelty of this new version 3.3.0 is the ability to edit some things of the profile from our device, such as biography, date of birth, and other basic information.

Google+ has also improved the hangouts as it has reduced the bandwidth needed to carry it out, which allows videoconferencing with slow connections, and added integration with Google Now to send birthday greetings more easily.

But that’s not all. The social network now supports animated GIF allows subscribing to any circle to receive notifications, allows to set events for different time zones and adding a widget on the lockscreen in devices running Android 4.2 or higher.

As you can see an update with an enormous amount of interesting news. This new version of Google+ is available for download for free from Google Play.

Download Google+ (Google Play)

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