FTL Launcher is an excellent, light and fast launcher developed to give us performance and ease of use. Are you tired of your launcher? FTL can be a great option for you!

In version 3.0, you can use the icons and themes of ADW, GoLauncher and LauncherPro, giving FTL a variety of customization options. You can even mix Dock themes and icons of different launchers.
As I mentioned earlier, FTL Launcher is designed to operate smoothly and extreme softness, and incorporates a drawer accelerated thanks to the application 3D Waterfall (although you can use the regular application drawer 2D). Additionally, you can choose if you want a drawer with 3 or 5 icons, you will have configurable support for auto-rotate the launcher, scrollable widgets, from 1 to 9 home screens to choose from with various transition effects and much more!

It is clear that FTL has support for all resolutions and ICS, but only devices 800 × 480, 854 × 480, 960 × 540 and 480 × 320 have 3D drawer enabled. Ice Cream Sandwich has no 3D drawer, as it contains the “old” OpenGL interface, but likewise accelerates natively and the drawer 2D should be very fast.

First Steps

Beyond that FTL Launcher is fairly easy to use, here are a few basic instructions for those whose just venture into the fantastic world of the launchers.

When you start the home screen FTL is empty. You have to do a long press anywhere and start adding whatever you want.

To add or modify the shortcuts in the dock bar you should do long press on the place you want and wait out a popup that lets you choose what activity you want there.

You can also uninstall applications directly from the home screen. For this you must do a long press on the shortcut (even in the application drawer), drag it to the trash can that will appear where it was the dock. If you loose it immediately, FTL will only remove the shortcut, but if you wait a bit before releasing it, FTL will offer the option to uninstall the application.

Maybe missing some customization options, but FTL Launcher is an excellent application that presents a sensational performance and great speed and fluidity. If you’re tired of your launcher, FTL can be a great option.

FTL Launcher is available for download from Google Play in two versions: a Lite which is free and another Pro that is priced at 2 euros.

Download FTL Launcher Lite (Google Play)

Download FTL Launcher Pro (Google Play)

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