Beyond that Facebook is the largest social network in the world, is constantly trying to innovate and add new technologies and services to improve the user experience. One of the most awaited improvements is Photo Sync functionality to send and share the images you want simply and quickly. The app was in beta for iOS users, but is now available to all Android and iOS devices.

Indeed, Photo Sync is nothing too revolutionary as Dropbox and Google have been working to add similar features to iOS applications that allows automatically uploading photos from the device.

While the official Facebook application for Android still has much room for improvement, the company has launched this functionality to demonstrate its concern for improving the experience of all users.

Photo Syncing works in an opt-in basis. The idea behind this new feature is that all the photos from the camera of the device are loaded automatically via the Facebook application to a private album that is not visible to our friends. Users can choose to publish the album selected images to their accounts so that the upload process is simple and efficient.

Want to start using Photo Sync on your Android? Here is a small guide to help you:

1 – Open the Facebook application on your smartphone.

2 – On the left side navigation panel (accessible by sliding the screen to the right), click on Photos.

3 – Tap Sync tab at the bottom of the screen.

4 – Follow the onscreen instructions to configure Photo Sync.

If you do not want to sync your photos, you should go to Settings -> Do not sync my photos in the Facebook application.

As I mentioned earlier, synchronized photos are stored in a private album on your Facebook profile on the web that can not be seen by anyone. To share should go to Photos application, and select Sync from the phone.

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