Facebook Messenger has just received an update with wich seeks to give fight to WhatsApp. From now on you will not need a Facebook account to register but you can do it with your name and phone number.

Facebook has announced today that Facebook Messenger is open to people not using this social network. From now on, all you need to use the app and send messages for free is a name and a phone number. Now you can send free messages to your contacts, initiate group conversations, share photos and more!

Thus, Facebook has entered the race to replace SMS and compete with applications like WhatsApp and LINE, beyond that yesterday came a rumor that the social network could buy the most popular messaging application of the moment. Facebook wants users to start thinking Messenger as an application to send messages of all kinds, not just Facebook messages. If the company manages to convince a sufficient number of users with a good application and manages to create a version compatible with iOS, it could become a rival to be considered in the future.

In principle, the update will come to a few countries (India, Australia, Indonesia, Venezuela and South Africa) but will soon come to other markets.

So you know, you can now use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account, but the name of the application has now become confusing, right? You can download this new version for free from Google Play.

Download Facebook Messenger (Google Play)

Via: Facebook

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