The official Facebook app has just received a major update to version 2.0, adding tremendous improvements and developments. Now Facebook for Android will become native making the application much faster and showing a yield much higher than previous versions.

Facebook is one of the most criticized Android applications. Beyond upgrades in recent months, the app is far from what one would expect from the largest social network in the world. However, the firm of Mark Zuckerberg seems ready to change this image and just released a major update.

Facebook 2.0 allows us to look at pictures and open biography much faster. This update has redesigned the news feed, notifications and Biography to be much faster.

How is it an improvement of this magnitude? Facebook will become a native application in Android. The main problem was that the app was programmed in HTML5 and now abandon that standard and will use specific native Android programming resources, resulting in a speed and performance well above.

Among the improvements we found are:

  • Possibility to see the photo: now by touching a picture you immediately open and flip through photo albums without leaving the news feed

  • Open the Biography faster: now you can go to your biography and see updates and photos faster than ever

Descargar Facebook 2.0 (Google Play)

Via: Facebook

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