The tremendous growth that Android has experienced since its inception back in 2007 has been sensational. In few years Android has become the most widely used mobile operating system in the world and it seems that their managers are also very confident. In a recent interview given to Bloomberg, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, said, “Android is clearly winning the war against iOS.”

Schmidt seemed confident in Google’s ability to attract users and advertisers as more customers rely on their devices and avoid traditional computers. By giving Android licenses, Google gives income to its hardware partners like Samsung Electronics Co. Schmidt is willing to make that sacrifice because that drives the demand for ads and other Internet-based services that benefit Google over time. “The fundamental strategy is to make the pie bigger,” he said.

In addition, the executive compared iOS vs Android the rivalry in the field of mobile operating systems with the war between Microsoft and Apple 20 years ago to say that:

This is a huge platform change; this is of the scale of 20 years ago — Microsoft versus Apple,” he said. “We’re winning that war pretty clearly now

To illustrate this superiority, Schmidt said operate daily over 1.3 million Android devices and in the third quarter of this year Android took the 73% of the market, versus 14% for iOS.

What do you think? Is Android winning the battle against Apple’s iOS? I think considering the results of this year there is no doubt …

Via: Bloomberg

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