Google has just released a new update for the Play Store to version 3.10.10, which incorporates some minor adjustments and fixes several bugs from the previous version. Here all the news + APK!

Last month, Google updated the Play Store in to version 3.10.9 which added an icon to remove content directly from the wishlist, a new screen that served as a transition between the last step of the installation and the screen with the progress of the app and a button to translate the descriptions of the apps.

Google is constantly working to improve their store and just moments ago released a new update for the Play Store. This new version 3.10.10 does not present major changes beyond minor adjustments to the billing code. Apparently it is mainly a version that is principally engaged in correcting errors from previous versions.

The APK is signed by Google and you must install it over the current version of the Play Store you have on your device. You must download and install it like any other APK (remember of enable installation from unknown sources, which allows to install non-Google Play applications).

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