Now we are in the last month of the year and we’ve had time to think about applications that include in the list of the best releases and updates last month.

It has not been easy, since November has been charged with major releases and updates as Adblock Plus, Skype and Apollo Music Player.

But we have made a selection and again we have a collection of the best applications for Android that have been released or updated during the month of November.


Line has been indisputably the great discovery of November. This application includes the best features of WhatsApp and Skype, and presents itself as a major competitor to these applications free of charge of messaging and VoIP calls.

Like WhatsApp, LINE lets you send messages for free and keep in touch with all your friends and family. You can send multimedia such as videos, pictures and voice messages or stickers.

Moreover, this app also offers the possibility of high quality VoIP calls for free.


2.Apollo Music Player

Apollo Music Player, the music player Ice Cream Sandwich style which is included by default in CyanogenMod ROMs was released in Google PLAY.

This music player for Android is known for offering a lot of customization options. Among these you will find the option to install customizable themes, widgets, support letters, gapless playback, and many more features.

Not available in Google Play, although here´s the APK:

3.Pixlr Express

Pixlr is one of the best applications for editing photos. This gives you the ability to crop, resize or fix any images, remove red eyes and whiten teeth, change the lights and colors with just a few taps and apply more than 600 effects and borders to customize your images.

You can also share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of your favorite social networks.

Google PLAY: Pixlr Express

4.Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus, one of the most popular plugins for Firefox and Chrome, is now available for Android. This is an excellent application that allows block annoying ads on our device, either in the browser or applications.

This app blocks all types of ads: video advertising, banners, push notifications, HTML5 and more advertising. Worth noting that Adblock Plus may have limited functionality, depending on the version of Android of the device and whether it has root access or not.

In the root device, the ads are blocked via Wi-Fi and 3G while non root devices with Android 3.1 or later, the ads are blocked via Wi-Fi

Google PLAY: Adblock Plus


Waze last month received a major update to version 3.5, which incorporated a lot of new features and improvements.

Waze is a social GPS app that allows users to build and use live maps and information on traffic conditions in real time to improve daily trips.

This is a community-based app traffic with over 30 million users worldwide to join forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic, save time and gas money, and improve everyone’s daily commute.

With real-time traffic community you can get the best route to your destination. With only driving with Waze open, you are contributing greatly to the community and you will be informed about traffic conditions in real time. You can also report accidents, hazards, police and other events you see on the road and get traffic on your route.

Like any GPS application, you can get directions, find out where the nearest gas station, know what is the fastest or shortest route to reach the destination, etc.. Additionally, Waze uses current information that the community is generating and best of all, the app will improve as we use it.

Google PLAY: Waze

6.Photoshop Touch

Adobe released an update to Photoshop Touch, one of the best applications to edit and apply effects to images in Android devices.

This has included support for tables of 7 inches which has a resolution higher than 1024 × 768 as the Nexus 7 so that other tablets like the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 will not be supported.

Have also been implemented some changes on brushes that now are much softer to the touch, they have added some new effects and improved sharing integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Google PLAY: Photoshop Touch


Utorrent is the supreme most popular Bitorrent client in the world. For some time now this has its official application for Android that allows you to search and download torrents directly from your smartphone.

In november this app was updated to version 1.3 adding an option known as WiFi Only that will allow to limit downloads to this type of wireless connections.

When selecting the new WiFi-only mode, downloads will stop when you lose the WiFi connection and will automatically start when you reconnect.

This is extremely important in Android phones because applications that use the data connection may generate large costs for the user, especially when it comes to downloads.
Google PLAY: uTorrent


Pulse, one of the most prominent newsreaders on Google Play has just received a major update. This is version 3.0 which includes a revamped user interface and some new features.

Pulse 3.0 now has a new navigation bar on the left from where you can access your news sections and configuration options.

Also there is no limit to read the pages of each source as Pulse 3.0 has an infinite scroll, and every news section wears a button from which you can edit the fonts included.
Searches have also been improved and now include Facebook, Google, Tumblr, YouTube and Reddit in the results.
Google PLAY: Pulse


Skype for Android received a significant update. This is version 3.0 that includes a new user interface optimized for tablet screens.

In addition, Skype 3.0 now allows you to sign in with a Microsoft account and has been enhanced audio quality of calls.

Google PLAY: Skype


SuperSU is the essential application for every root user. This allows you to manage advanced superuser access for all applications on a device root.

Last month this app received a major upgrade to version 0.98, which includes support for Android 4.2 and multiuser capacity for tablets.

Now only the primary user can run the user interface and gain root access while secondary users applications will not be granted root nor can change the SuperSU configuration. This means that for the moment the principal owner can control root access, and block access to secondary users.

Google PLAY: SuperSU

This has been our best selection of November. applications We hope you enjoyed and share with your friends on facebook, twitter or any other social network you use from the buttons located below the post.

If you think that lack some other application that has been released or updated last month and worthwhile, let us know in the comments.

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