The last month of the year has arrived and although this is not finished we decided to advance the ranking of the month to reflect the best apps of 2012.

Thus, we begin our selection and the best applications for Android that have been released or updated during the month of December.

Best Android Apps 2012


Gmail for Android has just been updated to version 4.2.1 incorporating a lot of new features among which include the ability to zoom in messages and swipe to archive or delete a mail.

This update of Gmail makes it easier to see and read the messages. Forget that your emails are cut at the edges, in this latest emails are resized to fit perfectly on the screen and you can pinch to zoom in for a better view. To enable automatic sizing should go to Settings -> General Settings.

Another great new is swipe feature which allows you to swipe left or right to archive or delete emails directly from the inbox. To enable this feature you must go to Settings -> General Settings -> Swiping conversation list.

In addition, all photos are easier to see at first glance. When you open a message with photo attachments, you will see the photo thumbnail and to go to the gallery, just click on the image you want and go sliding on either side to see all the photos. Now you can also add videos you’ve recorded with your phone.
Google PLAY: Gmail

2.Beautiful Widgets 5

Beautiful Widgets received a major update which incorporates a complete redesign in its set of widgets and applications, full support for Jelly Bean, independent widgets, hourly weather forecasts, widgets 4 × 4, option to select the location and some features of Android 4.2 as Daydream support and lockscreen widget.

This is one of the favorite applications for customization lovers, as it has a lot of widgets and themes that you can use as you wish.

Google PLAY: Beautiful Widgets 5

3.Swiftkey Flow

A few days ago SwiftKey launched a new keyboard called Flow that lets you type by sliding your finger on the screen Swype style.

Also SwiftKey Flow incorporates the functionality Flow Through Space, which allows users to write complete sentences without lifting your finger from the keyboard, but just sliding your finger on the space bar after each word.

Beyond this is still a beta version, SwiftKey Flow is amazing. Its predictive power is amazing, is extremely intuitive to use and if we add a performance close to perfection, the result is an excellent keyboard.

APK: SwiftKey Flow Smartphones

APK: SwiftKey Flow B Tablets


Snapseed, one of the best photography apps available for iOS arrived to Android this month and last but not least, for free.

Snapseed is an excellent photo editor that lets you retouch and enhance your photos with a lot of filters that include Drama, Vintage, Grunge, and Tilt-Shift (Tilt-Shift) and many others.

It also gives you the ability to adjust the photos with a tap and make selective adjustments on certain areas or objects, apply other effects and share all your photos through your social networks.

Google PLAY: Snapseed

5.Sony Motiongraph

Sony has just released a new application that lets you create animated pictures called Motiongraph. This application allows you to create still photos with an animated part.

However, the amazing thing about this app is that it is able to recognize objects and leave immovably the bottom. Also uses a technology called loop motion detection to detect motion, and Sony´sown technology to stabilize the image.

Also the images are stored as animated GIF that makes them visible from any web browser and several image viewers. This also represents an advantage over the video for its weight and easy to share on social networks.

To create the animated gift, you have to record a short video, about 2 or 3 seconds with Motiongraph, select the image you want to have in the background in the video, and then select the area that shall be mobile, and the duration of animation.

Google PLAY: Sony Motiongraph

6.AirDroid 2 beta

AirDroid is an application that lets you control your Android device from the PC through the web browser using WiFi.

The application is really simple and has a user interface very well made that mimics a desktop launcher with mobile icons, a taskbar, and controls that allow you to manage your phone remotely.

Among its functions this application gives you the ability to access SMS messages, manage, and send messages from a web browser.
In addition you will be able to manage contacts, install or uninstall applications, browse files, access Google PLAY, and manage music, pictures and ringtones.

As if this were not enough, this app also gives us the chance to look phone information from CPU status to battery level that remains among many other things.

APK: AirDroid 2 beta


Twitter has been one of the applications that received a major update, as the official client of the social network just added the ability to apply photographic filters to compete with Instagram.

This is the version 3.6.0 which includes filters developed by Aviary, which are very similar to those already offered by Instagram.

Thus, when loading a photo on Twitter with either the camera or from the gallery you will have an edit menu where which you can add multiple filters to photos. These include vignette, black and white, cold, warm, vintage, cinematic, happy and rough.

Google PLAY: Twitter



Viddy is a new social network that offers a new way of sharing our lives through video allowing you to capture, beautify and share a video from your phone.

Unlike YouYube Viddy abandons the complicated interactions to focus on the micro world, which is why we can compare the concept of this video social network to Twitter or Instagram concept where raw simplicity of the message.

Thus Viddy allows users to record videos of just 15 seconds and apply some effects and filters to customize them.

Google PLAY: Viddy


LINE was selected as one of the best applications in November, but the update it received a few days ago makes it worthy of being in the ranking this month.

In version 3.4.0, LINE has a new wintry icon, the chance to decide whether to receive notifications as LINE Game related applications, reporting directly if we suffer harassment or receive spam from the chat room and bug fixes.



Long time Instagram didn´t enter our selection of top applications, but this month has received an upgrade, probably to compete with which incorporates some new features twitter.

These include support for many languages, a new filter called Mayfair which gives a great touch to the photos and offers the ability to share our photos from Instagram on Facebook pages.

Google PLAY: Instagram

That’s it! hope you enjoyed the applications and share with your friends on facebook, twitter or any other social network you use from the buttons located above or below the post. If think you we lack some other application that has been released or updated this week and worth, let us know in the comments.

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