Smartphones have been the big break in technology in recent years. At this point we can say that they have changed our lives and that it would be hard to go too long without them. However, signs of addiction to mobile have already begun to appear. Are we becoming addicted to our smartphones? Are they becoming a double-edged sword?

We are in an age where technology has permeated everything. For some years now, living without a computer is practically impossible and is now reaching a new era where we can not live without our smartphones as they not only help us to communicate but many of us work with them, we use them as tools for entertainment, read the news, watch videos, use as camera, GPS and much more.

Moreover, it is becoming more common for boys (as well as the eldest) to handle all kinds of gadgets fluently. It is not surprising to see children of 8 or 10 years or grandparents of 70 to play, browse, check emails, etc. from their smartphones quite naturally.

That smartphones have reached all is not something bad, the problem arises when we are so immersed in our phones that we get addicted to them. Did you happen to be in a meeting, dinner or out with friends and you realize that no one is paying attention because everyone is constantly pending of their mobile? A horrible feeling, right? The worst thing is that sometimes one complains about that but then also sometimes does the same thing without realizing it.

There are several studies showing that smartphones are becoming an addiction for a lot of people. What at first was (and still is) a great tool to stay connected with friends and family, has begun to play against a lot of people and has begun to be seen as a “double-edged sword.”

Smartphones, the XXI century´s addiction

Recent studies in the U.S. show that users are more dependent on their smartphones than they themselves wanted. Reportedly, nearly 67% of users constantly check their devices “just in case”, even without any notification.

Moreover, 44% of respondents admitted leaving their mobile next to the bed at night in case they received any calls, and 30% said can not imagine their lives without a smartphone.

Moreover, Time magazine conducted a survey earlier this year by taking more than 5,000 people from around the world and concluded that more and more people, regardless of cultural differences and nationalities are becoming addicted to their smartphones.

Among the figures in this study, which surveyed people in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, China, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and South Korea, highlight:

  • 84% of respondents said they could not live a day without their smartphones
  • 50% of American users sleep with their smartphone like a teddy bear, but that figure rises to 80% among young people aged 18 to 24 years
  • 20% of respondents admitted checking their phones every 10 minutes and 25% every half hour
  • 24% said they had arranged an appointment through text messages but in China the figure increases to 56%.
  • 75% of people aged 35 to 29 years sleep with their smartphones

Graphic: Do you think that being constantly connected through technology is mainly …

When you have an addiction, the first step to fight it is to recognize it. However, if one does not believe that is addicted, hard to recover, right? Well, that seems to be what happens to users of smartphones. According to the Time poll, between 76% and 94% of respondents, according to the country, indicated that to be permanently connected seems something useful and positive.

But that’s not all. One not only has to measure addiction to smartphones according to time one devotes to it but considering what one resigns for it.

A survey by reveals that 15% of iPhone users would rather not have sex for a weekend rather than give up their devices for a couple of days, while 4% admitted using their iPhone while having sex. Furthermore, 65% of iPhone users surveyed admitted they can not live without their devices.

According to results of various surveys, OnlineColleges made the following infographic in which reveals that we are becoming increasingly addicted to our smartphones but simultaneously we love our devices and use them for everything.

Do you feel identified with these figures? Think you’re addicted to your smartphone? I think to know that rather than counting hours a day we use our smartphones we should see the things we resign to use them.

Yes, smartphones are great but beware, addictions are never good.

Via: MashableTime

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