Google launched a few weeks ago the new Android version 4.2 but has already started talking about the next iteration of Android 5.0. It was thought that the name chosen would be Key Lime Pie and a few hours a Google employee has confirmed through a drawing.

Manu Cornet, employee of Google, has just published in his Google+ account a picture of the evolution of the different versions of Android that has as its last droid our beloved green robot eating a key lime pie.

The pattern resembles the drawings showing the evolution of man: in early versions of Android the droid is small and bent, but from Ice Cream Sandwich begins to walk upright, reflecting the maturity of the operating system (remember that Android 4.0 was the version that unified both smartphones and tablets as it was designed for both types of devices).

It is clear that this is not an official confirmation, Manu Cornet has said he drew the picture “just for fun”, but I think it gives us an important guideline of what to expect. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is expected to be presented in the upcoming Google I / O, which will be held in May next year, and that is the operating system which would be incorporated in the Samsung Galaxy S4 (could also be Android 4.2 ).

Via: Google+

Esteban Cejas

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