A few weeks ago came to Google PLAY a new app called AirDroid. This lets you control your Android device from the PC through the web browser using WiFi.

The application is really simple and has a user interface very well made that mimics a desktop launcher with mobile icons, a taskbar, and controls that allow you to manage your phone remotely.

AirDroid Functions

Among its functions this application gives you the ability to access SMS messages, manage, and send messages from a web browser.

In addition you will be able to manage contacts, install or uninstall applications, browse files, access Google PLAY, and manage music, pictures and ringtones.

As if this were not enough, this app also gives us the chance to look phone information from CPU status to battery level that remains among many other things.

AirDroid 2 Beta

Now the developer has launched a new version of this application. This is a closed beta of AirDroid 2 which includes the ability to control the device via mobile networks.

More info: AirDroid

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