Action Launcher is a new application to renew the concept of Android launcher. This is a minimalistic launcher designed so you can access everything you want faster.

Action Launcher Pro is a launcher minimalist style that stands out for its simplicity and speed. This app has a very interesting application drawer, which can be accessed by pressing the “Apps” in the top left corner, or simply sliding the screen to the right. There will appear a list with all the applications in alphabetical order with the option to quickly search by letter, allowing to access all apps instantly.

Action Launcher Pro also incorporates a feature called “Cover”, which is identified as a small square in the lower right corner of the icons. Cover a powerful new way to launch applications and shortcuts quickly without compromising the look of the home screen.

Action Launcher Pro can be downloaded from Google Play at a price of $ 3.99. This application requires Android 4.0 or higher.

Download Action Launcher Pro (Google Play)

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