The battle between Android and iPhone has been one of the most prominent issues of this 2012. We started the year talking about it for which I thought a good way to finish it in the same way, with a new battle between two of the main representatives of each operating system: 10 advantages of the Nexus 4 over the iPhone 5.

In this comparison we will see some of the things that the latest flagship of LG and Google can do and the latest Apple iPhone DONT. Among the advantages include application integration, wireless charging, NFC support, widgets and much more.

Application integration: while it is true that the iPhone 5 allows us to share everything on Facebook, what about Google+, Dropbox or other apps? While that is not possible with Apple’s flagship, it is possible with the Nexus 4.

Apple Maps by default: As you all know, iOS 6 introduced Maps the new mapping application from Apple that ended up being a total fiasco, with hundreds of errors. However, when you open a link from the e-mail, for example, the default application that opens is Maps and can not be changed for Google Maps or another application.

NFC: the iPhone 5 does not have support for NFC (Near Field Communications), which indeed incorporates the Nexus 4.

Google Now: may say that the iPhone 5 comes with Siri, but Google Now is much more advanced than a voice assistant because this is a service that gives us the information we want in the time that we want and even before we seek it.

Larger screen with HD resolution: the Nexus 4 has a True HD IPS display Plus 4.7 inch (1,280 x 768 pixels), compared to IPS TFT screen 4-inch (1136 x 640 pixels) of the iPhone 5. In addition, in iOS the developers can place the “Back” button in applications where they want, with the upper left corner the most common, while in Android, that button is located at the bottom (left or right, according to the device) making it more convenient to use with one hand.

Wireless charging: the Nexus 4 features wireless charging, ie the ability to charge the device without the need for cables, while the iPhone 5 comes with the new port Lightning which does require cables.


Widgets: This is a big advantage of Android over iOS rather than the Nexus 4 over the iPhone 5. Widgets allow us access to applications much more quickly and easily.

Softkeys: Keys are the bottom of the on-screen devices and allow us to navigate the menus, cancel an action, go back, etc.. Best of all, these keys fit when using the device in position horizantal and disappear from the screen when not in need. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 still has physical buttons.

Keyboard: in Android there are a lot of applications that allow keyboard typing much faster. The most popular is Swype, a superb keyboard that allows us to write sliding your finger across the letters. Another great app with a similar pattern is SwiftKey Beta Flow.

Photo Sphere: This is one of the new features of Android 4.2 which allows us to take 360 degree panoramic photos from our device. Simply amazing.

Here are 10 things the Nexus 4 has and the iPhone 5 donĀ“t. Android fans will surely find more reasons while iOS fans will respond with advantages of the iPhone 5 over the LG and Google device. Please leave me your comments and opinions in the comments!

Esteban Cejas

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