Utorrent is the supreme most popular Bitorrent client in the world. For some time now this has its official application for Android that allows you to search and download torrents directly from your smartphone.

Now this application has been updated to version 1.3 for adding an option known as WiFi Only that will allow to limit downloads to this type of wireless connections.

When selecting the new WiFi-only mode, downloads will stop when you lose the WiFi connection and will automatically start when you reconnect.

This is extremely important in Android phones because applications that use the data connection may generate large costs for the user, especially when it comes to downloads.

uTorrent for Android

Among its features, utorrent gives you the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds and play content. However, a major advantage over other BitTorrent clients is that there are no restrictions on the speed of downloading or uploading.

App Name
BitTorrent, Inc.

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