Many users come to us asking for ways to customize their devices. In general all of them, accustomed to other platforms where the word themes or skins are synonyms for it, fall into the error of looking themes for Android, and they find very little information available.

It is not that the themes do not exist for Android, but on this platform are known under the name of launchers.

What is a Launcher?

The launchers also known as Home replacement are graphical environment managers that allow you to manage the applications and desktops of your device.

When installing a new launcher you can change the transition effects between desktops, windows, application icons, widgets, buttons rooted to the startup screen and even the lock screen.

In fact, the main screen that comes by default on our phones or tablets is actually a launcher.

Why installing a Launcher?

When installing a launcher will not only be changing the graphical environment of your device, but the surface layer of functions that manage all the transitions of the user interface, which will have an effect on performance, battery consumption and fluidity of the device.

In addition, Android allows you to have multiple launchers installed, which you can access by pressing the home button or the corresponding icon.

How to install a Launcher?

The launchers can be installed like any other Android application. Ie you can download the APK and install it manually or enter Google PLAY to do so from the official store.

If you want to know what launchers to download, you can follow this article where I analyze the best launchers for Android.

After installing the application, when pressing the home button you will see a menu in which is will show the launchers you have installed.

From here you have the option to select the launcher or theme with wich you want to start the home screen and if you want to do it only once or always.

If you select the Always option, then when you return to press it will no longer see the menu, and the phone or tablet will use this default launcher. To re-access the other you have then to go to the applications menu and press on the installed launcher icon.

If you ever want to have the menu to select the launcher, you have to go to the menu Settings> Applications> Manage applications and clear the launcher data in question.

Next I leave the screenshots of the startup screen of my Samsung Galaxy S3 with native touchwiz launcher, ADW Launcher and TFS Shell to give you an idea of what may change the appearance.

At the same time, some launchers like ADW Launcher or Go Launcher offer support for custom themes, which are also found in Google PLAY.

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