As you all know, today Google put on sale its new Nexus, generating a great revolution in the Google Play Store. These devices come with Android 4.2, the new version of Jelly Bean which incorporates several new features, but also some serious problems with certain applications.

According to some Nexus 4 users report, the Google Voice app has great problems. Apparently when you press the button to create a new message and try to add a recipient causes a forced closure of the application.

Is this one of the bugs that might be expected because it is a new version of Android or shall be an error of compatibility from Google Voice? Still it is not too clear but it is noteworthy that the application does not present any error, but generates a complete closure every time you try to add the recipient making it unusable.

Hopefully soon we will have more news about it, but for now if you are a regular user of Google Voice is better to wait to upgrade to Android 4.2.

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