JK Shin, Samsung’s CEO, told a major news agency that his company has no intention of negotiating with Apple on the subject of allegations of patent infringements and design copy, dismissing any possibility of peaceful reconciliation.

A few days ago I reported that HTC and Apple reached a settlement to resolve legal disputes concerning allegations of patent violation by signing a 10-year agreement. The question that immediately arose was: Will this continue the same way for Samsung and Apple? A few hours ago, JK Shin, CEO of the Korean company, dismissed this idea saying that his firm will not enter into any negotiation with the Cupertino firm.

Samsung’s president told Yonhap news agency:

“It may be true that HTC has agreed to pay 300 billion won (S $ 276 million) to Apple, but we have no intention of (trading) at all.”

What is not clear is where he got that figure Shin (₩ 300,000 million) since the details of the agreement between HTC and Apple are confidential. Some analysts have speculated that HTC could be paying between $ S6 and U $ S8 per device marketed to Apple to use its patent portfolio, but nothing has been officially confirmed. Does Shin have information that we and all the press not know?

Recall that Samsung and Apple have been trading blows in courts worldwide over the last year with mixed results in different countries. Last August, a California court ruled in favor of Apple, ruling that Samsung must pay Apple more than U $ S 1,000 million for copying their designs and infringing other patents. However, the British High Court recently ruled that Samsung did not copy the designs registered by Apple for the iPad, and ordered the firm of the apple to publish on its official website a statement claiming that Samsung had not copied its designs.

After the agreement between Apple and HTC one might foresee reconciliation times, but JK Shin has made it clear that this is not an option. We look forward to see how this war of giants continues.

Via: Yonhapnews

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