According to a recent study, Samsung Mobile generates more money than Google thanks to the success of its Galaxy devices. The mobile division of the Korean company has made more money than the Internet giant for the past three quarters, which is really surprising when you consider that a couple of years ago, the profits of Samsung from selling smartphones was virtually null.

According to estimates of Asymco, Samsung Mobile had a total income of about $ 5 billion last quarter (of the total of 7.4 billion of Samsung), while Google generated nearly $ 3 billion in the same period. This was due in large part to the great success of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which captured 20 out of the 58 million Samsung units sold in total.

Most surprising is that two years ago, the income of Samsung Mobile generated by smartphones were practically zero. However, after the launch of the Galaxy, the mobile division’s revenues took off from U $ S 1.5 billion to U $ S 5 billion in two years. To illustrate this incredible growth even more: in the first quarter of 2011, only 3% of the devices sold by Samsung were smartphones, but now that percentage has increased to nearly 55%.


There is no doubt that Samsung produces great quality devices and several of them are the best in their respective ranges. However, despite being one of the companies that has better performance in this respect, the signature should improve regarding the release of software updates. Google releases a new version of Android almost every year, so it is expected that Samsung are ready to upgrade their devices quickly.

Currently the upgrade to Jelly Bean 4.1 for the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 is in process, but there are a lot of users who are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of this release to their devices (like the owners of the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note for example). On yesterday, a spokesperson confirmed that Samsung will update several of its Galaxy devices to Android 4.2. Hopefully soon for the good of all users.

Via: Electronista

Source: Asymco

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