Want to have the browser Popup of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on your Galaxy S2 with which you can see a website as a popup while running another application? Here I bring you a simple guide for you to do so.

Although no longer the flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S2 remains one of the most popular Android devices. Beyond its excellent specifications, has some things that can be improved. Today in AndroidADN I bring you an interesting feature that has been ported from the Galaxy Note 2 and adapted to the Galaxy S2. This is Popup Browser, a functionality that allows us to view a web page as a popup while running another application in the background.

It’s clearly a very useful feature especially when we need to have a quick view of a link in an email or when we have to do more than one thing at a time.
Since the Galaxy S2 remains one of the Android community favorite smartphones, it is not surprising that mods and custom ROMs that include new features continue popping.

Gyebro XDA forum, managed to modify the browser apk emerging from the Galaxy Note 2 to match the smaller screen of the Galaxy S2, and added another small application that gives the user the option to launch the browser popup (Popup browser) from the launcher.

The application only works on stock Samsung firwmares or TouchWiz based on cooked ROMs, including the latest firmware XXLSJ Jelly Bean 4.1.2. That means that if you are using a ROM based on AOSP like CM10 or AOKP, for now you can not use this app.

Install Popup Browser on the Samsung Galaxy S2

If you install just PopupBrowser.apk, you can choose the Popup Browser on the screen “Complete Action Using”. If you want to launch the browser from the launcher, you must install both the browser popup (PopupBrowser.apk) and the application that starts it (PopupBrowser_Launcher.apk).

Install as a normal Apk. You do NOT need to be root.

You can download the apk directly to your phone or download the files to your computer, transfer them to the SD card and then install them.

All credits to Gyebro from XD

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