A user just found a major bug in Android 4.2. Google has forgotten the last month of the year. Wait, what? Yes, the Contacts application does not recognize the month of December.

Acquiring a Nexus 4 was a kind of bet. The device has a unique hardware, the best you can find in the market. As for software, incorporates the latest version of Android 4.2, which comes with a lot of news in the camera, performance improvements and much more. However, being a new version, one could expect some bugs and errors.

A few days ago we saw a grave error of incompatibility with Google Voice that generated a forced closure of the application, but Google quickly fixed the problem. A few hours ago, a Google+ user found another major bug in Android 4.2, one of those mistakes that you can not believe: no December. Yes, as you read it. Google forgot to include the month of December. The year runs from January to November, so if you want to add birthdays, anniversaries or reminders in the last month of the year you can not do as the Contacts application does not recognize the last 31 days of the year.

How can it be that an error of this magnitude has been missed? Nobody noticed it in all the quality controls? The truth is quite striking. Google is already aware of the situation so surely will soon launch an update to its new operating system (possibly Android 4.2.1).

Via: Google+

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