HTC has just given bad news to many users. The company has posted on its FAQ page that devices with 512MB of RAM or less, will not receive the update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

This means that One V and Desiree C, two smartphones launched last year, will not be updated to the latest version of Android. Fortunately for the rest of the users, these two are the only devices launched in 2012 that come with 512 MB of RAM. Other devices low or medium range such as Desire X and Desire SV come with 768MB of RAM, so it may be updated.

Also not all bad news. The firm has also confirmed that the HTC One S and One X will receive the update to Jelly Bean soon. In addition, HTC has given some hope to users with devices of 2011 saying that their priority is to upgrade the equipment launched in 2012 with its many partners and operators in multiple regions and then consider providing updates to products of 2011. With a little luck, maybe we could see Android 4.1 on devices like the HTC Sensation, EVO 3D and Rezound.

However, I think this kind of news is what disappoints me the most about the Android world. A clear example is the Samsung Galaxy S I9000, a device that has a single-core processor at 1GHz, 521MB of RAM and that “officially” got stuck in Android 2.3. However, and this is what most annoys me, is that with enthusiasm and work Cyanogen developers have led Jelly Bean for this device and works wonderful, even running games like NOVA 3 or Dead Trigger! (tested that myself)

I understand that companies want to sell their new devices, but I think is a lack of respect and a major flaw in the optimization of their respective layers (HTC Sense in this case) not being able to provide even a reduced version of the new updates to Android devices that only have a year or two in the market.

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