Last week I told you that Rockstar Games will celebrate the 10th anniversary of his most famous title launching the new Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android on 6 December. Though still one week before the launch, today we have the first official trailer.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will support smartphones and tablets and will feature high-resolution graphics and several unique enhancements for mobile platforms with new characters and new lighting effects, new options when it comes to point and shoot, a screen of customizable controls and native support for Retina display devices (like the iPhone).

Rockstar Games had promised to launch the official trailer sometime before releasing the game and now has kept their word. In the trailer are some of the things that Vice City offer: lots of action, guns, cars to drive and many quests to complete.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be available on Google Play as from December 6 at a price of $ 4.99.

Esteban Cejas

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