Google is sending an email to many users informing them that the Nexus 4 orders have been delayed due to lack of stock. How much is the delay? Could be three weeks.

Google put the Nexus 4 for sale just two days ago and the problems started from the beginning. Initially, Google Play was saturated due to the large number of people entering simultaneously to acquire the device, which caused the anger of a large number of users. Then came to light some serious problems presented by Google Voice on Android 4.2 which were eventually solved, and now the worst: Google just reported that due to lack of stock, has had to delay orders from Nexus 4. But worst of all is that Google can not deliver orders that have already been sold!

Apparently, they have sold more units than they had in stock, so they have been forced to delay orders prepaid (worth clarifying that gives the option to cancel the order). The Internet giant is informing users through the following e-mail:

Thanks for the order you’ve done recently with Google Play. Due to the overwhelming demand, your request for a Nexus 4 is behind schedule and we hope that it can be dispatched in the next three weeks. If you purchased other products in the same order, they will be shipped separately and on time. We will send you a notification when your Nexus 4 is sent and will credit shipping charges. To check the status of your request you can click on the link at any time:

If, however, you prefer to cancel it, please reply to this message and our team will be happy to assist you. You can also contact us through the following link:

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your purchase.


The Google Play Team

As you may see, the delay could be up to three weeks. Let us hope that replenish the stock quickly and can satisfy all the requests promptly. The truth is that this fault has caught my attention considering it comes from Google, one of the best (if not the best) company in the world. Was to be expected a lot of orders for the Nexus 4 due to the high expectations that was generated around the device. While it should not happen, I understand that there may be missing stock because orders may have been much higher than expected, but what I do not quite understand is why sell something you do not have in stock?

Lets hope this will be resolved soon and all users can enjoy their Nexus 4 ASAP.

Perhaps you have been lucky? Could you get your Nexus 4?

Juan Francisco

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