Today we have great news for our Mexican brothers. After a long wait, Google finally announced the release of Google Maps Navigation (Beta) for Mexico!

Through its official Google+ and Twitter account, Google Mexico has announced the launch of Google Maps Navigation (Beta) for Mexico. This is a GPS system with Internet connection that provides voice directions, maps, local information and traffic updates in real time.

Among the main features offered by Navigation (Beta) we find the voice search in Spanish, automatic switch to Street View when approaching destination, satellite aerial view, view with traffic, driving directions based on traffic, pedestrians car mode navigation and many others. In addition, you’ll find places even if you don´t know their address simply by typing the name of the business or company, just as you would on Google as well as activate layers to find gas stations, restaurants, parking lots and other stores.

Great news for our Mexican friends. Please note that this is a Beta version so you can expect some small errors and bugs.

NOTE: To enjoy Navigation, you must reinstall Maps -> Download Google Maps (Google Play)

How does it work Google Maps Navigation there? Tell me about your experiences in the comments!

Via: Google+

Juan Francisco

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