Gameloft is a leading company in developing shoters for Android and PC, and each release generates great expectations in the user community, especially when it comes to a title as important as Modern Combat.

We have long known that the company is working on Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and today gave details of the new game on their official website.

Apparently Zero Hour will come with a new Perks system, new weapons and new maps. Now each of the new weapons has a link called ‘Discover’ in which you will see a summary of important statistics such as portability, range, handling, damages etc..

Also revealed some of the support weapons such as turrets, Front Line, aerial drones and a Stealth bomber.

Although we have no specific launch date, a month ago Gameloft stated that MC4 would be available at any moment, so we could be playing it in the coming weeks.

Esteban Cejas

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