Finding and hacking WiFi keys from our phones is an increasingly easy task and everyone can be a victim of it, so I bring Root Browser Lite, an application manager that is in Google Play and allows us to easily find keys with the idea of creating awareness of the dangers to which we are exposed.

Today we will see how to find SSID Network keys with your Android smartphone. Although from AndroidADN we do not support hackers, the intention of this post is to open the eyes to all users so they know that simple passwords are more prone to piracy and taking a few minutes to think of a good password can be very beneficial to the safety of our devices. While there are several applications for key hacking, the one we´ll see today is called Root Browser Lite and to use it you must be root.

This application allows exploring all file systems and take control of the device, and among its many features, allows you to find WiFi keys from your smartphone.


1 – The first thing to do is download the application you use to find the keys from the link below:

Download Root Browser Lite (Google Play)

2 – Then open the app and navigate to the folder Data / misc / wifi folder and there you will see the file wpa_supplicant.conf.

3 – Next step, with the help of your favorite text editor open the file. Conf.

4 – You will see a list of data. Go to the row “SSID” the name of the Wi-Fi and then the row PSK will display the WiFi password for that particularly.

NOTE: To make sure your WiFi connection has not been hacked, you should ensure that the MAC-based security is enabled on the modem, and it be more difficult to crack.

As you can see with a simple application in a few minutes you can hack the WiFi key or be a victim of it.

Again, we do not support hackers, but I think it is good to know that these things can happen to take precautions.

Esteban Cejas

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