A month ago, Rovio announced a new release of Angry Birds in which the pigs and birds become involved in the Star Wars universe.

Titled Angry Birds Star Wars this new game arrived today to Google PLAY and we’ve had the opportunity to try so we’ll let our first impressions.

The first version of this game includes two worlds at the moment called Tatooine and Death Start, each of which has 40 levels.

In addition there is a third world called Dagobah which you can access by purchasing only the payment application that is priced at $ 3, and a yet unknown world called Hoth that will come with the next update.

Furthermore you can find bonus levels where the protagonists will be birds and the droids C-3PO and R2-D2.


From the point of view of the gameplay, Angry Birds Stars Wars brings nothing we have not seen already by Rovio. This seems to be a kind of synthesis between the traditional land levels and the spatial world of Angry Birds Space.

Thus, you will not miss the fun of launching birds with a giant slingshot to try to destroy the structures where hide the pigs that once again stolen the eggs.

Depending on the points earned by destroying things and birds that you have “left over” you can earn between 1 and 3 stars.


As Rovio usually does, the birds enjoy new powers. Now the famous red bird impersonating Luke Skywalker is able to use the LightSaver to destroy structures and annihilate the pigs.

The yellow bird now shoots lasers with sound effects of Star Wars, and the black bird can use the Jedi Force to move objects, in this case you have to tap on the side of the screen to where you want to direct it. Finally, there is a bird that personifies Chewbacca whose power is so heavy as to sweep all obstacles.

For their part the pigs belong to the empire of Darth Vader and now have laser weapons even getting to attack us in the feared Tie-Fighters.

The mighty eagle has also received new powers impersonating the famous Falcon. When activated you will see the Millennium Falcon fly over the screen and destroy with its lasers all pigs to pass the level.

The number of eagles is limited but Angry Birds Star Wars is quite generous distributing them as we go into the game or if you pay for them.

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