Obviously the zombie theme is one of the most used of the last decade, just take a look at how many titles both games on various platforms such as movies and even telivisón series clearly shows thatbrains-eaters are more popular than ever!

Gameloft, the mobile gaming company’s most prestigious, aware of it, is about to launch a new title called Zombiewood, where we will have to eliminate tons of zombies as its name suggests to us nothing more and nothing less than in Hollywood.

Zombiewood, as we can see in the first video teaser, is a 3D action game with isometric perspective, where we go eliminating tons of zombies on the prestigious stages of Hollywood. Like any good zombie game, we will have a vast arsenal to do the job within which include everything from small firearms to rocket launchers. To play will have two on screen virtual joysticks to control your character.

Zombiewood Features

  • Unlock and upgrade the entire arsenal – from flame throwers to rocket launchers
  • Extravagant and comedy costumes – including Frankenstein, a football player and a SWAT team member
  • Destroy Los Angeles and Santa Monica by trituration through waves of crazy zombies
  • Be a star in a series of filmed entertainment while playing through unique game modes, including survival, escort, barricades and marathon

The game has a tinge of comic with a style similar to Team Fortress 2, and as you can see in the video there is a good chance that the game is free and that the purchases within the game are done to improve costumes and weapons Dead Trigger style (which I do not agree at all). Beyond this speculation, will kwon this Halloween how good is this new title from Gameloft.

What do You think? Does Zombiewood appeals to you?

Esteban Cejas

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